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Vehicle weighing systems


Consequences of overloading?


It is easy to ignore, overloading but you could face up to £10,000.00 in fines, O license suspension or completely removed, license endorsements, extra fuel usage and when the driver wants his truck to stop it won't. Worrying?


What about the health of the truck?


Tyres wear out prematurely, brakes and running gear is put under extra strain as the vehicle becomes unstable. Measuring every collection means profits can be pinpointed, collection routes planned more efficiently helping your business to stay healthy, all year round.




On-board weighing increases the life of your truck, keeps your driver safe, protects your O license and saves thousands in fines. Logan Inglis Ltd care, it's what we do, which is why we have a range of weighers for all types of vehicles , helping drivers and operators to stay safe and legal. Simple.

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